Robotic wide-field astrograph for SSA studies and astrophotography

The Steward Observatory SSA team created the Pomenis Astrograph System as a novel low-cost large field of view SSA sensor.

The astrograph has an exceptionally large 4° x 4° field of view and a fast readout CCD camera. These features enable unique observations not otherwise possible, such as tracking of objects with poorly known ephemeris and observation of fast moving LEO satellites. We carefully selected the aperture and focal length to achieve sensitivity relevant to SSA with an integration time short enough to allow rapid survey of large areas.

With its 7-color filter wheel, Pomenis can perform multi-color photometric screening of deep space satellites looking for anomalous behavior and can identify objects for higher fidelity measurements and study. Pomenis is housed in a unique trailer mounted enclosure, which enables the system to be deployed with minimal infrastructure, operated remotely and autonomously, and quickly relocated as required.


  • Takahashi E-180ED Epsilon 180 mm f/2.8 astrograph
  • Apogee Alta F9000 (12 um, 3056 x 3056 CCD)
  • 4.9 arcsecond pixel scale
  • 4.2° x 4.2° field of view
  • 7-position filter wheel
  • Optec TCF-Leo low profile focuser
  • Paramount MyT mount
  • Remote and automated operation with ACP Observatory Control Software
  • Dog House trailer-based mobile enclosure


  • LEO satellite photometric and astrometric survey
  • Full hemisphere night sky brightness survey
  • Deep space and cislunar object tracking
  • GEO satellite photometric characterization
The Pomenis telescope
Dog House Open

Adam Block uses Pomenis for wide field astrophotography. See more of his work at www.adamblockphotos.com.

Orion's Belt and M42 as recorded by Pomenis